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Time Affluent vs Material Affluent

… There’s often a rush to trade time for money, even though a variety of studies have found people who are “time affluent” are happier than those who are materially affluent. That’s because people with time can spend it having fun with family and friends, exercising, pursuing personal or spiritual growth or volunteering — all of which have been found to be important contributors to well-being.

The problem is, it’s awfully hard to put a dollar figure on leisure, and so we discount its value — and mentally overestimate the pleasure we’ll get out of doubling our money. Some people might imagine they’d use all that extra dough to hit the mall, the spa, the beach, the slopes; to put up their feet in a custom home theater and chill. …

Work/life balance, time/money balance. What do we do in our spare time, does it align with our life goals? What do we do with our money, does it align with our life goals?

If we say we want to “spend more time with the family”, is that what we do when we have spare time? At times, there can be a disconnect between what we believe and what we actually do. If you want to see what you truly value, look at how you spend your time and money.


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July 1, 2010 at 7:50 am

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