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iPad vs Kindle

… I’ve never found myself struggling which to pick, much in the same way that nobody is ever torn between having tea and going sky diving. They are different devices, for different purposes. And that’s a good thing in the case of the Kindle. There is something almost drug-like about having a device that can do anything. It’s hard to turn off that ability. With the Kindle, you won’t be thinking about increasing your Fruit Ninja high score, or frantically checking and re-checking your e-mail. You’ll be in the only state that is appropriate when reading a book: completely lost in it

— iPad vs Kindle | Tempus Fugit by Mark Jaquith [via]

I have actually been thinking about this exact same thing since my wife mentioned she thought about buying me a kindle. Looking around the office, there are definitely some books I can purge. Over time, I've been accumulating vs reducing.  Plus, I recently read – Breaking Up With Your Books: How to Simplify Your Library. Hmm …

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September 21, 2010 at 2:59 pm

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