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Loving the Pomodoro Technique

Last week, I started integrating the "Pomodoro Technique" into my day/workflow.  At a high level, the technique is simply:

Choose a task
set timer for 25 minutes (aka Pomodoro)
work until timer rings
take short break (3-5 min)
repeat until task completed

While this sounds simple, I've learned a lot about myself regarding self-imposed distractions and interruptions. For example, in my first pomodoro, I felt the strong urge to check email or switch out to another window/task after about 5 mins. However, I held off and barely finished my first pomodoro.

Some of the goals of the Pomodoro Technique are:

Eliminate the anxiety of time
Enhance Focus and Concentration
Increase awareness of decisions

So, how do you start your own journey on the Pomodoro Technique?

  1. Read The Pomodoro Technique Book – Free PDF Download
  2. Download and install the Focus Booster App [via]
  3. For iPod/iPhone users, download the Pomodoro Lite App
  4. Start working


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