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Life is not all work, Be a Kid Again …

As we get older, this creative spirit gets dulled down by work, paying bills, and being responsible. Instead of sitting down to draw a picture, adults need to clean the house, or deal with the finances.

We don’t get many opportunities to play anymore.

This explains why hobbies such as dolls house renovation or pottery still hold wide appeal – they provide legitimate platforms for people to express themselves. Because we’re not supposed to climb trees, paint pictures in the sand or go wild with a tub of paint anymore, we find reasonable alternatives instead.

We all need some form of play or creative outlet. Life is not all work. Some of my own forms of play include: aquariums, martial arts, photography, and blogging 😉 What are yours?


Written by antnp

July 16, 2010 at 7:37 am

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