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Consumed by Media – And My Step to Break Free

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In preparation for a long road trip (6-7 hrs each way), I loaded up my iPod with Podcasts and Audiobooks.  However, during this process, my iPod hit full capacity (roughly 32G) and then locked up on me. The music library appeared to have gotten corrupted and I was forced to do a restore and backup.

I was not a happy camper as this ordeal delayed my departure by about 1 hour.  As I was sitting there watching the status bar of loading 5 out of 4,000 songs, I said to myself, "enough is enough". I spend an inordinate amount of time pruning my music collection to make room for podcasts and audiobook, the main usage of my iPod. At first, I thought it was cool having ripped 250+ Audio CDs I have into audio files, but there comes a point in time when we have to call it quits. I hit that point.

Instead of sitting at my computer waiting for my songs, I went into iTunes, sorted my music collection by rating and then UNCHECKED ANYTHING not rated 2 stars or higher.  Yeah, kind of drastic, but it was very effective getting me out the door to start on my road trip.  Note, that I only did this with my music collection, I still did a complete synch of my podcasts and audiobooks.  After doing this, the capacity of my iPod went from having less than 1GB available to having 25G available!  Since I checked all stars rated 2 or higher, my "Master Mix" playlist (about 500 songs) was fully functional as well as my Top 50 Played Songs.  I've read somewhere that most people only listen to 10% of their music collection, now I believe it.

What does this mean to me moving forward?  Instead of spending my time constantly pruning my collection, I now prune as I go.  I am adding 2-3 albumss at a time and will go through all the songs (rate, delete, listen) before I add any new albums. 

My goal is to control the inflow of new THINGS up-front, instead of letting them creep into my world.  It's all about defining what goes into the mayonnaise jar


Written by antnp

May 13, 2010 at 6:53 am

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