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WordPress.com DNS Editing Deployed

Very nice, wordpres.com just keeps getting better and better. What does this mean? It means that you can have yourdomain.com as a blog at wordpress.com, and have your email service pointed to google and setup a subdomain for your domain pointing to another service (wiki, forum, photos, whatever). Super cool!

via WordPress.com News by Andy Skelton on 4/1/10

A few years ago, when we began to offer domain mapping—serving a WordPress.com blog on your domain, like example.com—we omitted DNS control because we didn’t count on many people needing it. Soon we tired of saying “no” to users wanting email on their blog domains so we added limited support for Google-hosted email. Recently we tired of saying “no” to users wanting DNS control so today we deployed a DNS editor for custom domains.

The link to the DNS Editor on the Domains page

The Edit DNS link is on the Domains page.

This free enhancement is available to everyone who uses domain mapping on WordPress.com. The ability to add some common DNS records (MX, TXT, CNAME, A) opens the door for services hosted elsewhere to work under the same domain as your blog. Integrating other hosted services with your domain, such as email (you@example.com) or other kinds of web content (wiki.example.com), can make your dot-com a more powerful branding tool. We hope it makes WordPress.com a better choice for bloggers all over the internet.

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