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The Path of Go (XBLA)

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Do you have an xbox 360 and enjoy the game of Go? If so, you’re in luck as a version of the game is available on the Xbox Live Arcade.

Learning Go has been one of my “todos” for quite some time. For anyone interested, I would highly recommend checking out the FREE ebook called: The Way to Go.

On my iPod Touch, I use a software called SmartGo Pro that has some teaching lessons as well as recorded sessions of historical games.

If you want to play Go online via a PC, check out the link for Internet Go Servers (IGS). Be warned, the IGS client is a real-time client and is world-wide (ie, be prepared to have your bum handed to you if you’re not well versed).

For turn-based web Go action, check out ItsYourTurn or Dragon Go Server.They have some “learning” games and are all turn-based. This means that you log into the website, make a move. You will receive an email when your opponent makes a move and then you login again.

Go now and get yourself some Go action!

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March 10, 2010 at 7:48 am

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