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WordPress.com support rocks!

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I would just live to give a massive kudos and hat tip to the WordPress.com support team!  The team was able to import an old mySQL database dump file into local version of WordPress version 1.5, upgrade to the latest 2.9 version, export the posts and import the posts into a WordPress.com hosted blog!

The turn around time from submission of the support ticket was just 2 days! It's not often to receive such a great level of support from a company that's providing a free service.

The mySQL database dump file was from an old hosted installation of WordPress I used to run. The file was created in May of 2005 from WordPress ver 1.3 alpha!  The file contained roughly 700 posts dating from October 2002 to May of 2005!

At first, I tried to do this myself by installing XAMPP for Windows so I could locally install wordpress on my windows machine. The installation went smoothly and I was able to get the old WordPress version 1.3 up and running with all of the posts/comments in tact. However, I ran into some difficulties when I tried to upgrade the local version to 1.5.  I figured it was best to let the experts handle this and I'm glad I did 😉

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Written by antnp

January 7, 2010 at 9:43 am

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