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What is your GTD IQ?

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I took a simple little quiz this morning and found out my GTD IQ is:


Perspective: 4

Control: 4

Quadrant: Captain And Commander / Autocrat

Interpreting Your Results

Your "perspective" score was 4 and your "control" score was 4. This means you have scored in the "Captain And Commander / Autocrat" quadrant.

Your answers indicate that you have a healthy balance of perspective and control. You are "on your game"!

On the positive side, you are Captain and Commander. Your focus gives you effectiveness and your implementation and follow-through give you efficiency. By managing to keep your world collected, processed, organized and reviewed, you maneuver with agility and flexibility

On the developmental side, you could be something of an Autocrat – simply because the power that comes from mastering the control/perspective game could make you vulnerable to a sense of complacency; you might think it will always be this way.  That may to some degree be true, but somehow your world will still manage to be a consistent source of surprise. And those tend to get bigger, as you take on more responsibility.

The challenge that you face is more about fine-tuning the practices that you already (at least to some degree) have in place. Your improvement opportunity is to pay attention to the more subtle aspects of your work and life. Once you pay attention to what has your attention, you’ll discover what really has your attention. As long as there is anything pulling or pushing on your consciousness “ no matter how subtle “ there will be an opportunity to practice and refine your facility with perspective and control. Are there things you should be doing to stretch "out of the box?" Are there things you ought to be learning, to keep yourself fresh and on your game?

Remember, it is not about what quadrant you are in – it’s about knowing how to move from where you are to where you want to be. GTD can help.


While this sounds all good and dandy, I still feel like I could be doing more. I have many areas for improvement that I would like to tackle in 2009.  My home workspace is still in disarray and I have some major projects and goals that I need to follow-up on. However, the good part is that I *KNOW* what I am not doing 😉

On a side note, today is the launch of 2 new productivity books:

Even better, Leo is offering FREE GIVEAWAYS to BOOK BUYERS, but act fast as the promotion ends Jan 1, 2009. Basically, buy “Power of Less” and get a free eBook!  As for me, I will be placing my order to both books tonight when I get home from work!  I already own the Zen To Done eBook, so I will be opting for the Zen Habits Handbook for Life.  Yeah!!

So, my recommendations:

  1. Test your GTD IQ [via Lifehacker]
  2. Order the Power of Less and Making it All Work

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December 30, 2008 at 7:47 am

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