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Back to WoW – Wrath of the Lich King

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Yesterday was the Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK) luncheon.  This was a planned event where 3 other coworkers and myself would pick up the new World of Warcraft (WoW) expansion.  However, I was heading into the event with different things in mind. I had not played WoW for the last 3 or so months due to general MMO burnout. Additionally, there were a lot of real life events taking place that took priority.

So, we decided to all meet at the local Gamestop and pick up our preorders. Three of my coworkers got their copies while I cancelled my preorder for 2 copies (my wife and myself).  This really didn’t surprise my coworkers much as we had been discussing this day for quite some time and I told them I was not planning on coming back to WoW.

During lunch, J comments that he wished he was able to get the Collector’s Edition (CE) of the game. I told him that Best Buy might have them in stock and he should.  After lunch, we make our way next door and head towards the PC game section. As a joke, I tell F to push his way in front of J and act like he’s going to get the CE. J sees this and starts to walk faster. Jumping in, I begin to walk faster.  They are not too familiar with this Best Buy so they head to the wrong section, towards the console gaming area. Having been in this store multiple times, I know the PC gaming section is behind the Apple computer display.

I get there and see they have multiple copies of the CE! A smile comes to my face. I take one of the boxes out and head to the guys saying it’s the last copy and I wonder if *I* should pick it up. F is laughing and J’s face is a bit laughing and stern at the same time. J heads back and sees the other copies and picks it up. F also picks up a copy. I consider putting the copy back on the shelf, but instead, I call my wife on the phone.

“Honey, I am holding the last copy of the Wrath of the Lich King Collector’s Edition in my hand. It has that new pet. Do you want it?”, I ask my wife. She pauses for a bit, giggles and then tells me to pick it up.  I head over to the checkout counter to see smiling faces on both J and F. They have been wanting me to come back to the game for some time.  Instead of F returning his copy of the regular edition to Gamestop, he gives it to me and tells me to take it home and if I decide to keep it, just pay him back. He has a grin on his face the whole time.

Later, F sends out an email that the way to get my wife and myself back in the game is through the in-game pets. This is partially true as my wife is an avid collector of warcraft pets.  The true way to get me back in the game is to get my wife back in the game. She actually cancelled her subscription to Warhammer Online (WAR) recently and was looking for a new game to play when she needs a break from Fallout 3.

When I get home that night, I pull out the Collector’s Edition and put it in her hand and tell her to “think about it’”. She also stopped playing WoW a couple of months back due to general WoW fatigue. She looks at the box, I point out the picture of the collector’s edition pet (Frosty) on the back and puts the box back down. Randomly during dinner, she says “Install it”, with a slight grin.

After reactivating our accounts and installing both games, we are presented with a 25 min queue wait. Not too surprising since it’s the launch of the new expansion.  After getting in, we do some general house keeping of our bag space and respec our characters with the new Lich King trees. She decides to go Affliction with her Warlock and I go Beast Master with my hunter.  We tinker around Orgrimmar for a bit and I decide to go and tame a gorilla for tanking purposes. We then hit the Zep and head over to Northrend.

We’ve been away from the game for such a long time that we basically have to relearn the keys and movement, but it all comes back pretty quickly as we played for about a year before we decided to quit. We do a couple of quests together and I decide to log off around 9pm (my normal logoff time). I tell her she can continue playing but she says she will logoff too. This time around, she wants for us to quest together and so she says she will only quest with me and do profession and or dailies on her own. I like this idea as we basically “played by ourselves together” before. We started off together, but then got separated as we have very different play times and styles, with I being the more ‘casual’ of the bunch.

Overall, the experience wasn’t too bad. We both felt a little bit guilty for getting back in WoW, but most of that went away by seeing all of our old friends online again.  I am not sure how long we’ll be playing WoW but at least for now, its something that was fun and hopefully we don’t get sucked into the leveling grind or feel the need to play when we don’t want to.


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November 14, 2008 at 3:23 pm

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