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WoW Resurgence

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Last night, my wife and I decided to start up new characters on our former Player vs Player (PvP) server.The main reason we decided to move off PvP server a couple of months ago was due to our relatively short playing times and not wanting this playing time to be dictated by others (ie, ganking aka player killing). However, over time, we have come to miss seeing some Real Life (RL) friends online as they still play on the server.

At work, we have a weekly “WoW Luncheon” in which a total of 5 of us get together to talk about World of Warcraft (WoW).  Additionally, one member of our group has like 5 of his family members playing, all one the same server. With both my wife and I going through a lull period with WoW, what better way to get the fix back than to start up again on a PvP server where we have real life friends.

Mind you, it has only been about 1 day since us ‘coming back’ and the RL friends don’t know about it yet. We’re planning on making it a surprise when we get a bit higher level. Being on a PvP server, we decided to roll some stealthy classes, her the Rogue and myself the Druid.  Initially we planned on both going Rogues, but I felt it would be nice to have a healer in the mix.


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July 23, 2008 at 1:27 pm

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