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Kribensis Pairing Harmony

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Over the weekend, I made a stop to the local fish store and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a very nice male kribensis (krib). He’s a pretty big guy at about 2.5 inches with a long and slender body. His belly is slightly pink with hints of blue and purple. Very nice.. 🙂

After acclimation, I released him into the tank. Immediately, my female krib swam to him, curved her body, and arranged her fins in such a way to make her belly appear super huge and bright red. She kept herself in front of his gaze, slightly tilting her body backwards. At times, she would twitch a little bit.

Even with all the dancing and show on her side, the male krib didn’t really appear interested. I think he was more curious about his new surroundings.  He swam around scoping out the mopani driftwood wood structure creating multiple caves. He swam around the amazon sword and crypt plants, basically he stayed pretty low key.

The next day, I saw him chase off the female krib a couple of times. I then noticed he had basically taken over the cave structures in the driftwood resulting in the female hanging out in the open waters. Occasionally, she would try to swim toward the cave and he would chase her off.

After claiming the cave territory as his own, my male krib began chasing off everyone that came near him. The Corydora julii cats who used to hang around the cave entrance were now being chased off. The cherry barbs no longer swam amongst the wisteria behind the cave. The gouramis no longer lingered about the dwarf sag grass in front of the cave. The cave now belonged to him.

This evening, I see the male and female krib TOGETHER foraging in front of the cave!  He is no longer chasing her away and they appear to be defending the area together. I still see the female krib do the shake dance in front of the male from time to time, so I am assuming they have not mated yet. However, I have good feelings the pairing of the female and male krib will be harmonious.


Written by antnp

November 22, 2007 at 2:43 am

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