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Last night, I entered into the battle of Warsong Gulch. I assisted in guiding an undead female warrior back to our base. As a priest, I relied upon the power and might of the warrior to keep me alive. Casting renew, I healed the warrior from her battle pains. We waited in suspense as our team tracked down the alliance enemy flag carrier.

In the corner I heard a slight sound warp. A rogue must be near. In fear, I casted a PowerWord Shield around myself. The rogue faded into view and ambushed the warrior. Piercing the rogue’s mind with my Psychic Scream, he ran away in fear. This gave me enough time to cast a protective shield around the warrior while renewing my own health.

The rogue launched his second attack, only to meet his demise by the powerful sword of the warrior and my spell of shadow word pain. The warrior and I looked at each other, acknowledging we had better move for a second wave is soon to come. We decided it would be safer heading to the roof.

Turning the corner, we were greeted by enemy forces. A rogue, shaman, and mage stood before us. The rogue charged the mage, in turn, I casted shadow word pain on all of them, inflicting damage over time. In the frenzy, I renewed myself and the warrior. The enemy mage, noting I was a priest, polymorphed me into a sheep. Running around aimlessly, I was unable to heal the warrior as she was getting attacked from all sides.

Focusing my mind to break his dastardly spell, I was able to cast another protective shield around the warrior. The mage polymorphed me again. The enemy rogue fell by the blade of the warrior. The enemy shaman was laying down totems to call upon the forces of witchcraft. Resuming my normal form, I let out a mind blast, bringing down the shaman. As the shaman fell, so did the warrior by fireball of the mage. Again, I was polymorphed and the mage returned his factions flag.

In my sheep form, I could see the enemy mage standing before me, smiling, smirking. I became so enraged, the spell broke and I resumed my normal form. The mage polymorphed me AGAIN. Running around like a fool, I heard him laugh. He laughed at me, thinking I was fool, a little sheep to be mocked at.

So absorbed in his own power, the enemy mage didn’t realize I was being healed while in sheep form. I broke his spell with full health and stared at him with my undead eyes. He tried to cast another polymorph, only to be interrupted by my Mind Flay. I sapped his health with a glowing force emanating from my hand. Once again, he was interrupted by my Mind Flay. He was nearly dead while I was at full health. Having no pity for him, I penetrated his thoughts with my Mind Blast. The spell caused such fear and a rush of madness in his mind that the only way to save his last ounce of sanity was death.

I laughed as I stood over his dead body.


Written by antnp

July 24, 2007 at 1:22 pm

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