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A Glimpse of RP

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Last week, my wife came to me with the idea of starting a new toon on a Role-Playing (RP) server. At first, I gave her a perplexed look but after she explained the idea of ‘stopping to smell the roses’ within WoW, I understood. Both of us have been grinding BattleGrounds like crazy and it’s beginning to take it’s toll on our sanity.

To prep for the RP lingo, we practiced sending text messages to each other in RP. This was quite a hoot as I was commenting upon her ‘alien beauty’ (dranaei), only receive a ‘/slap, /runaway’! hahah 😉 But then the time came and she rolled her new toon out into the world of RP.

Upon arriving at the first Inn, she was greeted by 2 fellow RP’ers sitting at a table in the Inn munching on muffins and drinking milk. They asked her to join, she happily obliged and they shared conversation and muffins. They chatted about the decor of the Inn and the various items for sale in the cupboard. After finishing her muffins, she bidded farewell and was off to do some questing.

Heading outside, she noticed a gnome running up a hill and then sliding down. He seemed to get a kick out of it as he did it repeatedly for quite some time. Moving towards the quest location, she received multiple invites to group and party with others. Every step she turned or looked, she saw people grouping together, conversing, playing, snacking, basically role-playing.

But in the end, my wife noted a RP realm was just not right for her. While it’s very social and playful, she thought it was a bit *too* social and playful. She realized that all she wanted was to quest in peace without the worries of getting ganked and the pressure to level. As a PvP server pressures toons to level, she felt an RP server pressures toons to socialize. After all, I’d feel bad if I had to keep declining party invites to eat cookies if all I wanted to do was fish 😉


Written by antnp

July 23, 2007 at 7:28 pm

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