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Backup Time

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Every once in a while, I revisit my backup strategy. Currently I keep the following backup sets:

  • Daily (USB External HD)
  • Weekly (USB External HD)
  • Monthly (USB External HD)
  • Quarterly Off-site (DVD Media)

This seems to work so far. Backup is often touted but rarely implemented. Personally, I use something very, very similar to: Geek to Live: Automatically Backup Your Hard Drive.  The part I am reevaluating is the quarterly off-site archive portion.

I used to do monthly off-site archives and burn my backups to DVD that I would either keep in a safety deposit box and/or a location far away from my home but to do this, I was doing this with a software called Dantz Retrospect Backup but the thing that is starting to turn me off about this software is:

  1. The disks are stored in a propriety format
  2. Cannot be read by anything but the software
  3. The software *must* be reinstalled to recover the data

Basically, it all stems from the fact the data is stored in a propriety format. SyncbackSE (What I use to do the backups to external USB), is able to just copy the media over with no problems and issues, however it cannot write the backups to span multiple DVDs! Currently, my off-site archive takes roughly 9 DVDs to complete and I need disk spanning. They are supposed to be  releasing a *pro* version soon that will support media spanning!

Ohh.. for those thinking about backing up to an external USB drive, if you don’t encrypt the backup sets, encrypt the whole drive! I use something called TrueCrypt to do this for me. Check it out, it’s definitely a great piece of software.  Check out the Security Now podcast for more info!


Written by antnp

May 31, 2006 at 6:40 am

Posted in technology

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