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Cingular 2125 First Impressions

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After the recent outage of my Palm PDA, I decided that it was time to look for a convergent device that was both a phone and a PDA in one. After about 2 days worth of researching and itching (didn’t have my context lists on hand) I made the plunge and picked up the Cingular 2125.

The first thing that caught my attention was the size. This phone is SMALL, roughly half the size of the Palm Treo 650 (other contentender). Some of the reasons I chose not to get another Palm OS based device was due to

  1. Complaints of Voice Quality
  2. Complaints of Random Resets and Freezes
  3. Complaints of purchasing additional software to make the PDA part work
  4. Palm deciding not to develop for the Palm OS
  5. Size. Kinda big to put as a holster on hip without looking like a dork with my “bat belt”

I then ran across various posting and have recalled very favorable reviews for the precursor to this phone, the Audiovox SMT5600. Figured, might as well check out the latest model to see what’s what and the answer is pretty favorable reviews!

Alrighty.. so the main goal for getting a device like this was so I could reference my GTD related material (tasks, calendars, contacts), well.. really just standard PIM functionality with a GTD twist. The calendar/contacts was a no brainer as they sync directly from outlook. However, with the tasks, I was a bit concerned about being able to view my tasks in their various categories (@Home, @Contact, etc etc) since this functionality was not possible with the PDA syncing to yahoo back in the old days. I created some tasks (more on that later) and synced up, and whalaa.. all my tasks in one list. Ok.. at least that is cool but when looking at the various menu features, I was able to sort and filter the tasks. The key is the filter part. I could FILTER BY CATEGORIES!!! How cool is it to only see your @Errands list when you’re on the run and want to see what you can buy?? VERY COOL!

Now, one of the features I will be losing from my old PDA is the ability to enter data or capture. However, after finding my Ubiquitious Capture Tool and realizing that my PDA made a better reference device, I realized being able to input/capture into my phone was not really a big deal as long as I could have access to the information. However, it was very tempting to get the Cingular 8125 with it’s cool qwerty keypad but I felt it was overkill as I don’t text, I don’t IM and I don’t surf on my phone.

Cons??? None with the phone so far, though it has only been a day. However, I do have some gripes about PIM software. I was easily able to export my contacts from Palm Desktop into Outlook using a comma separated value file, however I was not able to do the same for tasks and calendar! This is kind of a drag so I may end up doing that conversion manually unless I find another way.

Overall: The phone is PIMP!


Written by antnp

April 26, 2006 at 1:26 pm

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